May 2007:  Margarita Lanides, director of the Long Island Chess Nuts, was invited to give a lecture at Winthrop University Hospital.  The program was through their Arts & Humanities Series, headed by Dr. Kuhna.  Margarita was ably assisted by Bob Sostack, a Long Island Chess Nuts instructor, and John Lanides.  An honorarium, usually paid for this type of lecture, was donated by Margarita back to the hospital. The lecture itself was informative and entertaining, with over 60 staff members from the hospital in attendance.

       Jan. 2006:  Margarita Lanides, founder and director of the Long Island Chess Nuts, was voted the 2006 New York State Chess Association Hall of Fame inductee. The New York State Chess Association, in existence for over 100 years, is the oldest chess organization in the U.S.  It honors one individual each year who has made an important contribution to chess.

        The award was presented by Phyllis Benjamin, representing the New York State Chess Association, and Henry Holly, representing Senator Kemp Hannon Mrs. Phyllis Benjamin stated, “I presented [Margarita Lanides] with a beautiful plaque inscribed with our appreciation for her tireless efforts on behalf of the New York State chess community. Margarita accepted the plaque during the standing room only awards ceremony held for the [2006] NYS Game 45 Championship and the L. I. Scholastics at Adelphi University in Garden City.  Lanides became the first woman inducted into the New York State Chess Association Hall of Fame.

       “Margarita was selected for this honor because of her intense devotion to the advancement of chess for children and adults through various activities in the ten years that the Chess Nuts have been in operation: operating a very successful scholastic chess club, conducting annual chess camps for kids, holding frequent tournaments, organizing and encouraging her club's students to play in such national events as the U.S. Amateur Team Championship and the National Scholastics. Margarita is assisted in her chess endeavors by her husband, John, and a dedicated staff of coaches.

       “We congratulate Margarita for being an all around inspiration for chess players and organizers, and overall ambassador for chess on Long Island, and we wish her and Chess Nuts many more years of great success on the chess board!”

        Margarita has always had a passion for helping children through education.  She holds degrees in mathematics and education.  Having taught math, she has also volunteered at many organizations, including the L. I. Children’s Museum, the Goudreau Math Museum, and as past president of her local P.T.A., just to mention a few.

        April 2003: Matthew Masino, and Jimmy Zheng, two L. I. Chess Nuts’ members had the opportunity to play Garry Kasparov, the world’s greatest chess player, in a clock simul over the internet.  The event was held by ZMD, a leading semiconductor manufacturer in Europe, which is headquartered in Dresden, Germany.  Kasparov flew to Germany for the event.  He played 6 opponents in all: 2 were in Germany, 2 in Switzerland, and 4 in New York. Of course, no one came close to challenging Kasparov, but it was exciting to try!

         March 2003: The L. I. Chess Nuts held a qualifying tournament in order to determine the two lucky members who would participate in an internet clock simul against Garry Kasparov.  Players were invited to participate in Garden City.  The competition was fast and friendly, ending in a four-way tie between Jareb Gleckel, Tom Ludwiczak, Matthew Masino, and Jimmy Zheng.  Finally, Matthew Masino and Jimmy Zheng prevailed in the play-off matches.  The competition was held under the direction of Margarita Lanides, director of the L.I. Chess Nuts, with Jason Luchan as T.D., and John Lanides assisting.

        March 2003: Nickelodeon featured one of the L. I. Chess Nut classes.  Some of the younger children, playing chess at the club, were actually on TV!  This is the third time we've been on this channel in the past year.

        Feb. 2003: The L. I. Chess Nuts brought 5 teams (4 players on a team) to the National Amateur Team Tournament in New Jersey.  In addition to a great weekend of some very challenging chess, two of our teams tied with one other for Tops Under 1200!  It was a great accomplishment!

       June 2002: Eight Chess Nuts members played Garry Kasparov in an in-person simul here on Long Island.  The occasion was sponsored by ZMD, to celebrate the opening of its' new North American headquarters.  Many dignitaries and several politicians were present to welcome the new company, and to meet Garry Kasparov.  GM Kasparov played against twelve selected customers of ZMD and eight L. I. Chess Nuts members.  There were many company executives from Germany in attendance.  Margarita and John Lanides of the Long Island Chess Nuts, having assisted in setting up the simul, were delighted that some of the club’s members were afforded this unique opportunity.  The participating members were: Elliott Bottoms, Karl Eschelbach, Jareb Gleckel, Elias Lanides, Zachary Lessen, Tom Ludwiczak, Adam Weser, and Erica Weser.  The over 200 invited guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres, and watched some rather interesting chess. With excitement in the air, GM Kasparov graciously signed autographs and took pictures with audience members.  It was a memorable event for all.