A few pictures from the 8th Annual NYS G/45 Championship

and the Long Island Chess Nuts' Classic Scholastics Tournament

Sunday, Jan. 22, 2006

Adelphi University, Garden City, NY

(additional pictures are included on each page of results)






























An overview of the last round in the main room





 Early round action in the main ballroom


   Early round action in the scholastics room      













1st round: GM Ehlvest playing Rob Guevara, a Long Island

Chess Nuts coach, as Bob Sostack looks on.

More scholastics action

Last round in the main playing room

                         Last Round Action on stage (left to right):


       Board 1 -  IM Jay Bonin against GM Alexander Stripunsky,

                      whose victory made him the 2006 NYS G/45 Champion


       Board 2 - GM Nick DeFirmian against GM Alek Wojtkiewicz,

                      who both tied for second place overall.


       Also pictured, Bob Sostack, a Long Island Chess Nuts coach,

                      who skillfully manned the demo boards.